Solutions should solve more problems than they create. We are always consciously looking to create solutions that make your business easier to operate.

Quality & Budget

Quality and budget are always a balancing act. A little of one often takes away from the other. In every project we look to trim excesses where we can and add quality where it matters.

Connecting People & Data

At Datastew we design applications that support your staff, instead of applications that your staff has to support.

   A leader in Optical Networking:

Who We Are

A privately held company, Datastew LLC was founded by Chris Millar, a nineteen year veteran in the IT Services and Optical Networking fields...
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What We Do

Datastew LLC focuses on Optical Networking and Integration projects in the Public Safety space and IT Services for both the SMB and Public Safety markets.

Director Bio

Chris Millar (President, Datastew LLC) has extensive experience implementing Information Technology and Fiber Optic infrastructures. From 1996 through 2002, Chris built some of the largest cutting edge fiber optic networks in the world for companies like Qwest, Worldcom, IXC/Broadwing and MCI...
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Current News

Contract News

Datastew has been going strong for over five years!

Here are a few of the great places that we have been working in:




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