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Managed IT Servicesfor Accounting Firms


We distinguish ourselves as a premier Managed Services Provider (MSP) by our commitment to personalized service. Every client is paired with a dedicated IT team, via our proprietary IT Support POD System, accessible instantly via a dedicated phone line. Say goodbye to generic support and welcome a tailored experience where your assigned IT professionals, familiar with the intricacies of your business, provide rapid and informed solutions.

Specific to Accounting Firms, we offer enhanced data security and tailored software integration, ensuring your financial data is both accurate and secure. Our dedicated support teams are attuned to the specific needs of accounting professionals, offering instant, customized support.

  • Data Security: we implement advanced cybersecurity protocols to safeguard sensitive financial data, ensuring compliance with data protection and industry regulations.
  • Software Integration: we ensure seamless integration and support for accounting software and tools, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in financial reporting.
  • Audit Trails: we ensure your IT systems can track and log activities for audit purposes, maintaining transparency and accountability.
  • Access Controls: we implement strict access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive data.

DataStew IT Support POD System


DataStew eliminates the common headaches company end users often experience by directly connecting them to their very own dedicated IT support team. Each client is assigned to a specific IT Support POD which is well versed in the client's IT architecture and particular nuances. In this way, each time a client calls in using their own dedicated phone line, they connect with the same IT professionals making the overall solution experience far more efficient and effective.   

Our Technology Partnerships

Managed Services Include

User Support & Device Management

  • Direct Team Access: Engage with your dedicated support team instantly
  • Device Care: Comprehensive management and support for workstations and laptops
  • Mobile Device Assistance: Expert support for iPhone, Android, and iPad devices
  • License Oversight: Efficient management of software licenses and compliance

Comprehensive Network Oversight

  • Always-On Monitoring: 24/7 surveillance for optimal network performance
  • Infrastructure Management: Expert handling of firewalls, switches, routers, and wireless networks
  • Endpoint Administration: Systematic management of endpoint devices for optimal security and performance

Cloud & Server Optimization

  • Server Solutions: Management of both physical and virtual servers for peak performance
  • Digital Identity & File Management: Streamlined email, file sharing, and identity management services
  • Data Protection: Robust backup and disaster recovery management to safeguard your critical data
  • System Enhancement: Proactive optimization for efficient and agile operations
  • Cloud Platforms: Expertise in Microsoft 365, Azure, Amazon AWS, VMWare, Hyper-V, and Google Cloud for seamless integration

Cybersecurity & Threat Mitigation

  • Security Surveillance: 24/7 monitoring to identify and counteract cyber threats
  • Awareness Empowerment: Training programs to enhance cybersecurity awareness
  • Phishing Defense: Tailored campaigns to identify and mitigate phishing threats

Vendor & ISP Coordination

  • ISP Management: Streamlined interactions and management of internet service providers
  • Vendor Liaison: Acting as your technical intermediary for third-party application vendors

Strategic IT Roadmapping

  • Planning Sessions: Collaborative strategy and planning meetings for informed decision-making
  • Roadmap Development: Crafting strategic roadmaps aligned with business objectives
  • Automated Insights: Reporting tools for real-time data and analytics
  • Asset Oversight: Efficient inventory management for optimal resource allocation

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