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We know IT can be tricky and you might have questions. That's why we've put together this FAQs page. Here, you'll find straightforward answers to the most common questions we get asked about DataStew. If you don't find what you're looking for, just let us know. We're here to help! Dive in and get the info you need.

Managed IT Services involve the outsourcing of a company’s end-to-end IT management to improve business operations and ensure security. Providers of such services are also called MSPs (Managed Service Providers), offering a range of solutions including user support, network oversight, cloud and server optimization, cybersecurity & threat management, vendor & ISP coordination and strategic IT roadmapping.

Traditional IT services are often reactive, addressing issues as they occur. In contrast, Managed IT Services are proactive AND reactive, with MSPs continuously monitoring and maintaining the client’s IT environment to prevent issues before they happen and actively responding to the needs of company end users.

Yes, MSPs, like DataStew, can facilitate and manage remote work environments, ensuring that employees have secure and efficient access to the necessary resources and systems from any location.

DataStew prides itself upon being a top-tier Managed Services Provider (MSP), rooted in an unwavering dedication to individualized service. With our unique IT Support POD System, each client enjoys the privilege of a dedicated IT team, reachable at a moment’s notice via a direct phone line. Step into a world where personalized support reigns supreme, and your designated IT experts, well-versed in your business’s specific needs, deliver swift and insightful solutions.

Each of Datastew’s support PODs are typically staffed by 3-4 engineers. All of DataStew’s POD staff are qualified engineers with experience in Managed Services. Although entry level engineers are useful and needed in our industry (and for other tasks at DataStew), they are not members of our PODs teams.

Currently, DataStew limts its Managed IT Services to SMB clients within the DFW area. Datastew does have project and consulting engagements in multiple regions of the USA.

Although DataStew has a standard set of objectives to achieve for what we consider to be a “supportable” system, every engagement is different. Part of our service is to work with each client to tailor a plan for their situation. Switching providers can be a stressful and sometimes personal process for some staff members. We do our best to be respectful to all parties involved while still protecting the interest of the client.

DataStew's Managed IT Services are offered on a fixed-fee basis, billed monthly. The fee is calculated according to the client’s staff count, plus an additional fee in unique cases (if a unique case is present, we will clearly spell it out in the proposal.) DataStew’s Managed IT Services are an all-inclusive plan. As each client’s systems and situation are different, there may be some items that are included or excluded on a case-by-case basis. During the assessment and proposal process we will clearly identify if there are exceptions.

DataStew's IT Consulting Projects are scoped and priced on a project by project basis.

DataStew only supports clients under active agreements.

Across most industries, IT remains a common thread. At DataStew, our experience stretches across many sectors, each with its unique challenges and nuances. From the precision-driven world of architecture to the world of real estate and beyond, our expertise has touched and transformed IT landscapes for many complex environments. DataStew thrives on customizing and bringing scalable solutions to your individual company needs.

DataStew’s attention to detail has been a great value-add for our client’s projects. Having a vendor that can execute complex engineering details while keeping our big picture goals in mind has been a fantastic tool in our toolbox.
VP North West Operations Hylan West, Inc.
Calvin Yetter
VP North West Operations Hylan West, Inc.

DataStew has served the Port through a variety of complex projects including a multi-million dollar joint development with the City of Oakland. If you have complex technology projects that require high attention to detail, I would not hesitate to recommend DataStew.

Port of Oakland, Maritime Security Projects
Eric Napralla
Port of Oakland, Maritime Security Projects

Over the last several years University of California, Irvine has been building upon its security infrastructure and DataStew has been an integral part of that upgrade. They assisted in the development of a 450+ terabyte security camera storage array that will lead us into the future. DataStew’s professionalism and attention to detail was paramount in that contract, current contracts, and I’m sure future contracts.

Security Infrastructure Program Manager University of California, Irvine
James E. Layne
Security Infrastructure Program Manager University of California, Irvine

For over a decade, I’ve relied upon DataStew to support my projects with their big-picture thinking and attention to detail. DataStew has been very responsive and able to communicate difficult concepts to reach solutions that best fit the client’s needs.

Vice President, Tetra Tech, Inc.
Molly Mell, P.E.
Vice President, Tetra Tech, Inc.

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