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DataStew's signature Concierge IT Services, supported by our proprietary POD System, are the foundation for next-generation Managed IT Services. DataStew's proprietary Support POD System allows clients to connect directly to their dedicated IT team. Our system blends the familiarity of an in-house IT team with the efficiency and scale offered by an outsourced partner. We believe the increased efficiency plus high-level personalized service will be an irresistible combination for our customers.

DataStew staff have decades of experience designing and building complex IT projects for some of the largest organizations in the country including Sea Ports, Municipalities, and Educational Institutions. While DataStew still designs and executes complex IT Projects for both public and private sector clients, we have unleashed our engineering skills toward building the best Managed IT Services in the SMB market.

Illustration of laptop with support staff working around it
Managed IT Services
  • User Support & Device Management
  • Comprehensive Network Oversight
  • Cloud & Server Optimization
  • Cybersecurity & Threat Mitigation
  • Vendor & ISP Coordination
  • Strategic IT Roadmapping
IT Consulting / Projects
  • Customized Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Advanced Video Systems
  • Integrated Access Control Systems
  • Emergency Operations
  • Infrastructure and Network Upgrades
  • Fiber Optic Network Implementation

Across most industries, IT remains a common thread. At DataStew, our experience stretches across many sectors, each with its unique challenges and nuances. From the precision-driven world of architecture to the world of real estate and beyond, our expertise has touched and transformed IT landscapes for many complex environments. DataStew thrives on customizing and bringing scalable solutions to your individual company needs.

We Partner with the Best in the Business

In the ever-evolving world of technology, DataStew is recognized for delivering top-notch service and expertise. Our advanced certifications and strong partnerships within the industry are evidence of our commitment to quality. We’re more than just a service provider; we’re a reliable partner for your business, backed by our connections with leading technology companies.


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