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Explore our collection of case studies to see how DataStew's innovative IT solutions have empowered businesses across various industries. Discover the transformative impact of our services and the real-world challenges we've helped overcome.


The Port of Hueneme wished to increase their Cyber Security measures to proactively get ahead of increased cyber issues that had impacted many public agencies. DataStew designed and implemented systems for the Port that included real-time cyber monitoring, managed detection response, physical network security, wireless upgrades, dark web monitoring, and end user training. The grant funded project included multiple product vendors in the solution (solution manufactures withheld for security).

The University was planning a significant expansion of their camera system (from hundreds to thousands of cameras) and needed storage infrastructure that would suit their new goals. DataStew worked with partners to design, procure, and install an upgrade that met their needs. The project included products from Genetec, BCD Video, and Dell.


The Port of Hueneme needed to upgrade their access control system and wished to make the system easier to use for staff. The DataStew team designed and deployed a solution that built onto their existing Genetec video management system (VMS) platform. By bringing access control into the VMS platform, they greatly simplified the operation of the system. In addition, the unified system was able to give more extensive reporting, tie both door and video alerts together, and create workflows and alerts that were not previously available. The project funded through DHS/FEMA PSGP Port Security Grant Program included products from Genetec, Mercury, and HID.

DataStew acted as Project Manager of record for the City of Oakland’s multi-million-dollar Domain Awareness Center (DAC) Project. The DAC project included a Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platform to be used as a City/Port Emergency asset. The project included ConOps (concept of operations) development, inter-agency communications, rebuilding the City’s existing theater style EOC, installing a new large scale video wall, and tie-in of several disparate systems into a new PSIM platform to be used by Oakland’s first responders. The Domain Awareness Center resides in the City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and consolidated multiple technologies to actively manage critical City/Port facilities during emergency operations. The grant funded project included products from VidSys, Genetec, ESRI/GIS, CAD, Motorola, and Cisco.

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The Port of Oakland needed to upgrade the storage of their video management system. DataStew helped to design the Port’s Genetec and Pivot3 CCTV storage and server infrastructure systems and interconnects, which services the MSS. The new CCTV infrastructure replaced the aging system, added additional redundancy and uptime, and laid a foundation for future expansion options. The project included products from Genetec and Pivot3.

The Port of Hueneme needed new fiber optic infrastructure to meet coming technology and regulatory demands. DataStew, working with Tetra Tech and Moffatt & Nichol, designed and implemented a port-wide fiber optic security network. The network allowed the Port to retire a failing analog CCTV wireless network, bring new services to its security facilities, and connect the EOC/Harbormaster operations to the main Administration offices via redundant architecture. Additionally, the new fiber optic infrastructure laid the groundwork for additional security projects to proceed. The PSGP grant funded project included products from Cisco, Dell, SolarWinds, and Transition Networks/Lantronix.


Across most industries, IT remains a common thread. At DataStew, our experience stretches across many sectors, each with its unique challenges and nuances. From the precision-driven world of architecture to the world of real estate and beyond, our expertise has touched and transformed IT landscapes for many complex environments. DataStew thrives on customizing and bringing scalable solutions to your individual company needs.

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