Behind every successful project and satisfied client at DataStew is a team of dedicated professionals driven by passion, expertise, and the desire to innovate. Our team is the heart of DataStew, each member bringing a unique set of skills and experiences that collectively shape the exceptional solutions we provide.


Chris Millar, CEO

Chris got his start in technology in 1996 building some of the world’s largest fiber optic networks for companies like Qwest, Worldcom, and MCI. Chris pivoted to Information Technology in 2002 and has extensive experience in physical security and IT outsourcing for both public sector and SMB clients.

Chris has worked with multiple seaports, municipalities, and private enterprises to implement projects and solve their technology challenges. Some of the projects that Chris has worked on include:

  • PSIM deployments for the Port of Long Beach, Port of Oakland, and City of Oakland
  • Camera systems for the Port of Hueneme, Yara, SSA, Port of Oakland, City of Oakland, City of Simi Valley, Vopak Marine, Martin Luther King Jr Community Hospital, and University of California Irvine
  • Emergency Operations Centers for the Port of Oakland, City of Oakland, and Port of Hueneme
  • Fiber optic, networking, wireless, and network security systems for multiple agencies and enterprises

Across most industries, IT remains a common thread. At DataStew, our experience stretches across many sectors, each with its unique challenges and nuances. From the precision-driven world of architecture to the world of real estate and beyond, our expertise has touched and transformed IT landscapes for many complex environments. DataStew thrives on customizing and bringing scalable solutions to your individual company needs.

DataStew’s attention to detail has been a great value-add for our client’s projects. Having a vendor that can execute complex engineering details while keeping our big picture goals in mind has been a fantastic tool in our toolbox.
VP North West Operations Hylan West, Inc.
Calvin Yetter
VP North West Operations Hylan West, Inc.

Datastew has been an outstanding partner in our IT infrastructure projects and helped us keep up with the ever-changing cyber security environment. Datastew was able to deliver a customized solution that we were able to build upon throughout the years. Chris also provided exceptional customer service 24/7!


Chief Operating Officer
Christina Birdsey
Chief Operating Officer

DataStew has served the Port through a variety of complex projects including a multi-million dollar joint development with the City of Oakland. If you have complex technology projects that require high attention to detail, I would not hesitate to recommend DataStew.

Port of Oakland, Maritime Security Projects
Eric Napralla
Port of Oakland, Maritime Security Projects

Over the last several years University of California, Irvine has been building upon its security infrastructure and DataStew has been an integral part of that upgrade. They assisted in the development of a 450+ terabyte security camera storage array that will lead us into the future. DataStew’s professionalism and attention to detail was paramount in that contract, current contracts, and I’m sure future contracts.

Security Infrastructure Program Manager University of California, Irvine
James E. Layne
Security Infrastructure Program Manager University of California, Irvine

For over a decade, I’ve relied upon DataStew to support my projects with their big-picture thinking and attention to detail. DataStew has been very responsive and able to communicate difficult concepts to reach solutions that best fit the client’s needs.

Vice President, Tetra Tech, Inc.
Molly Mell, P.E.
Vice President, Tetra Tech, Inc.

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